Kayla Itsines Review, Know her in a better way

Kayla Itsines is a professional expert and a fitness trainer, who began her journey in the field at a young age. She is one of the young fitness experts who provide guidance to any women suffering from excess weight. She has introduced a workout regime program that ensures reduction in the body weight within weeks. Kayla Itsines Review and fitness program deals with all sorts of weight program with much simpler methods. The following review focuses on her program guide which has gained a lot of reputation among the users.


The program is an eBook which contains the workout tips and guides, followed by the strict diet plan to see the transition in the body. The program is a 12 week guide to workout, followed by an extra guide which contains the information on intense workout guide after the 12 weeks of basic program.

One of the interesting things out the program is that it only takes around 30 minutes daily, which is a real boon in such busy times. The workout regime is focused on working 30 minutes every day to see the result. The program is followed with high intensity workout for the first three days of the week, followed by low intensity workout for the remaining three days. You will need some set of equipment at home to perform some of the workout but they are the most basic set of tools hence it is quite accessible.

The diet plan in the program is some of the interesting facts that will help you in daily life. It contains information on changing the habits of eating, providing recipes and substitution ideas on all the ingredients which are equally healthy and delicious to eat. The tips provided on eating habits will see the fat burn from your body within days. It provides the complete flexibility of eating habits so that you are never forced to remain strict with the diet plan.