Is It Right to Buy Followers to Boost Social Media Attraction?

There seems to be some controversy over whether you should buy followers in order to boost social media appeal. The idea is fairly simple and it was bound to happen anyway. It is often difficult to climb the social media ladder and gain all the likes and followers you need to have some social media appeal. The way most people skim through social media now is in a fashion which is favorable to the more popular links. When a person sees very few likes, they have a tendency to move on.

Consider YouTube as an example. There is a heavy tendency to scrutinize YouTube viewing based on the number of hits a video has had. This leaves the little person out in the cold, so to speak. Think about it: You just published a video on the site and you believe it has potential. Days go by. One, two views, then a few more here and there is the way it works. Then, weeks later, your channel is still in the bottom of the barrel because everyone is skimming over it due to the apparent lack of popularity. Now you are stuck with a moral dilemma. Is it right to pay for followers to like your social media site or your video?

Unfortunately, it is not a question of right and wrong. The very real fact is people are doing it. As a matter of fact, you can go to a site right now and buy likes and followers for any type of social media you can produce. This is the way it works now. Buying and selling social media followings and likes is part of the business these days and your competitors are probably doing it, so why shouldn’t you? When it comes down to the reality, as long as you consider yourself marketable, do what you have to do so you reach the upper ranks.