Rated – RKO

Rated-RKO was a famous and well known professional wrestling team on the one of the famous wrestling channel known as WWE i.e. World Wrestling Entertainment based on the Raw brand. Their team comprised of Randy Orton, Edge and Lita, known as their valet. The name of the team derives its inspiration from the Edges nickname name “Rated-RKO” contains part of Edge’s nickname and Orton’s Initials.


Both Orton and Edge formed the team in October 2006 by an motive of to challenge the team of Shawn Michaels and Team H, widely known as D-Generation X (DX), who according to both of them are preventing them to be world champions. They succeeded too in their vision by defeating their rivals and this was their first achievement since their reunoion in 2006. The coming month saw them becoming World champions and their valet Lita took her retirement nd left the group. But success is not to stay in January 2007, they lost the World Tag Team Championship, which became the cause of the tension between them. Their relationship was strained further when bot men qualified for the Bank Ladder match hich grants the wimmer of the tournament a championship match. It is said that Edge try to influence higher authorities for putting Orton into the matches which will not allow him to succeed. They reunited again in 2007 for a handicap match of John Cena but unfortunately lost it due to the interference of a third person. They officially set their ways apart in May 2007 after Edge planned to settle with Smackdown brand. But their friendship continues and they have occasionally reunions at their homes until Edge retired in 2011. They will always be remembered as an one of the renowned and talented fighters of WWE as they have achieve their milestones.