Legal path or wrongly denied life Insurance claims

The life insurance companies employ a large staff of lawyers and claim examiners precisely to devise ways of denying the claim. denied life insurance claim by a company is nevertheless not a final verdict. Wrongful insurance claim denials can be challenged in court and the funds rightfully deserved by the beneficiary can be recovered along with the interest and damages.


If the insured died within two years of taking the insurance cover the insurance companies would certainly go all out and deploy policy examiners and lawyers to assiduously scrutinize the initial application forms containing age, weight, income and many other points and use the excuse of misrepresentation to deny the claim. It is wise to consult an attorney before filing the claim in such cases and before giving the companies access to the medical and legal records. The questions to be put forward are whether the question/statement resulting in claim denial were equivocal or was it devised in such a manner as to be read incorrectly? Whether the agent inadvertently or deliberately misled the client? The denial of extra benefit in the event of an accidental death is common. The question whether the accident was as defined in the policy or as commonly understood?

In case of lapses it is imperative to enquire whether the notices of lapses sent to the correct address or whether there was a processing error. Did the agent fail to submit the premium on time or whether grace period exists for late payments? All these questions can be put in a legal form by an attorney to counter the complex legal arguments of the company denying the claim. The careful and patient approach and good investigation can get the wrongful verdict overturned by the court and the compensation can be obtained.